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Simply use your ZipShare account to deliver up to 500MB of zipped files to email or social media, ZipShare will store the files free for 5 day(s). After that, use your favorite cloud service.

Choose the plan that suits your needs!

  • Encrypt files, track deliveries, manage files in the cloud (move, delete, rename), zip and unzip files in the cloud
  • Maximum zip file size
  • 500MB
  • Up to 5GB
  • Up to 5GB
  • Unlimited files in a zip, add files from local or cloud drives, Share to email or social media, auto-select cloud drives with available space, Monitor available cloud storage, manage your cloud accounts.
  • File Expiry
  • 5 day(s)
  • No expiry
  • No expiry

All plans:

  • Use ZipShare on desktop, tablet or mobile

  • Upload files to zip from your local drives

With ZipShare Pro:

  • Maximum zip size limited only by your cloud drive restrictions (100Mb+)

  • Encrypt files, track deliveries, manage files in the cloud (move, delete, rename), zip and unzip files in the cloud

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Why do I need ZipShare?

ZipShare offers an easy way to send large files, from a company you know and trust. ZipShare Basic (free) lets you zip and send files up to 500MB, access and manage multiple cloud accounts in one place and access your shares for up to 5 day(s). With a Pro level account, you get 5GB of storage, a maximum zip file size of up to 5GB and your shares do not expire. As well, you can secure your files with powerful encryption and password protection and track deliveries. ZipShare Pro also turns your cloud accounts into virtual folders that you can view and change as you wish. Delete, rename, move, unzip and zip files stored in several different clouds, all in one place. Designed for mobile and the desktop, ZipShare makes it simple to share files whether you’re at your desk or on the go.

How does ZipShare work?

ZipShare is a powerful web app, which means you can access it from almost any device or computer without having to download any software. Your files are Zipped using WinZip’s legendary compression, making them faster to download and saving you bandwidth. Designed to be touch-friendly, ZipShare offers the same user experience from any modern device, including your tablet, phone or home computer.

To use ZipShare with your computer or phone, click/tap on Add from my computer, then select the files you wish to share. Or simply drag and drop files from your desktop to the Share page. Or select Add from cloud. If you're a first-time user, you will be prompted to enter your email and a password, then add the cloud accounts you wish to access.

Once your files are uploaded, you will see them above the Add from my computer button. Choose how to share a link to the files: by email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, click Share and you're done. The files are automatically zipped, uploaded to ZipShare or your choice of cloud storage services, and links are delivered by email and/or on social media sites.

When you're done sharing, click the My files tab to see a list of your shares to date and their status (expired or not), and even explore all of your clouds. Subscribe to ZipShare Pro to track deliveries, apply passwords to your Zip files, ensure your shares do not expire and take total control of all your cloud accounts and files from one single, convenient location.

Why should I zip my files?

ZipShare is powered by WinZip, the world leader in file compression and file sharing. Zipping makes sending large files easier for you and anyone who receives your files. It makes files smaller, saving you space and storage costs on your cloud accounts. Plus, zipped files use less bandwidth, so they upload and download faster. Share multiple files in a single Zip. Plus, protect your privacy with a Pro account, which offers WinZip’s legendary AES encryption and password protection.

How much does ZipShare cost?

ZipShare Basic, our free service, lets you select files from your cloud accounts and offers up to 500MB storage and 5-day(s) access to your shares, but this is just the beginning. By offering access to multiple cloud services in one place, ZipShare lets you combine all your free storage. ZipShare currently supports Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, Hightail, Google Drive and European CloudMe, with more coming soon.

ZipShare Pro increases maximum storage and file size to 5GB, and your shares do not expire. It also offers added security, control and advanced cloud storage management capabilities for only $49.95 a year. Encrypt and password-protect files, track delivery and more. Plus, enjoy a full cloud command center by turning your storage accounts into virtual folders where you can view, move, unzip and zip files stored in different clouds, all in one place.

Why is ZipShare better for sending large files?

Do you have important files to share? Are you worried that they are too big to send by email or that you need to protect the contents from prying eyes? ZipShare is the answer. Simply compose your message and attach what you need. With a Pro account, add optional AES encryption and track delivery. ZipShare takes care of everything.

What about security?

ZipShare is managed by WinZip, a world leader in secure file delivery. We take your privacy very seriously, using HTTPS and SSL encryption during transport, and encrypting your data stored in the ZipShare cloud. While we can't control the level of security on other cloud services, with ZipShare Pro, we let you add a unique extra layer of security to your stored files with powerful 256-bit AES encryption.

What if I need help, cancel my ZipShare account or manage my Pro subscription?

For help or to cancel your ZipShare account, please contact support@winzip.com
Click here for details regarding with your Pro purchase or, for customer support regarding your purchase, please click here.

Just for you: a couple of secret weapons of ZipShare Pro

ZipShare Pro has some huge benefits hidden under the hood and we're letting you in on a few of our secrets.

Tip #1: ZipShare Pro helps you keep cloud storage free. Here's how: If you're running out of free storage space on your cloud services, use ZipShare Pro to easily zip entire folders in your cloud accounts. Just zip the contents of the drive and delete the originals to open up a ton of new free space with ZipShare Pro - it's that simple!

Tip #2: ZipShare Pro helps you build contacts through file sharing. Giving away free information is a great way to attract interest in your business, but it's even better if you can trade your 'secret file' for customer contact information. Here's how: Just tweet or post a password-protected ZipShare file and invite potential customers to provide their email in exchange for access. It's a great way to offer a sneak peek at new products to early adopters and you can control how long your file is available. By offering potential customers limited time access to your information, you can quickly build a nice list of hot leads for your business or new product!

For customers with 100+ users, please email Alex Hewson. We'll be happy to help you find the best solution.


Upgrading to ZipShare Pro for $49.95/year gives you these benefits:

  • Maximum file size and ZipShare storage increase to 5Gb
  • Files never expire
  • Password protect files
  • Delivery tracking
  • Advanced cloud management

    Enables easy file or folder share, move, delete, download, rename, unzip, zip and encrypt within or between cloud services.


You are now registered to the Free version of ZipShare. This means your shared files will remain active for 5 days.

You can continue to use ZipShare for free, or you can take advantage of our special offer to upgrade to ZipShare Pro.

Benefits of upgrading to ZipShare Pro

  • Shared files never expire
  • Maximum file size increases to 5Gb
  • Password protect files
  • Track who downloaded files shared by email
  • Manage files across your cloud storage accounts

This item is from Send/Recieve Storage hence does not allow to rename the item.